Club Events 2016


26: 19th of November 2016 – The fourth Essex 2m Activity Afternoon
Photo: Rachel G6AMY

24: 20th of August 2016 – GB1EWT at the Essex Wildlife Trust’s Thurrock Thameside Nature Park, Mucking near Stanford-le-Hope
Photos: Rachel G6AMY

22: 26th of June 2016 – GB2HFF at Horndon Feast and Fayre
Photos: Gordon MØWJL

21: 18th of June 2016 – GB1DD & GB2DD at the Stifford Pumping Station museum in Davy Down Riverside Park
Photos: Ricky M6DII

20: 8th of June 2016 – GB90QEB at the Tilbury Riverside Project’s HM Queen Elizabeth’s Birthday Tea Party
Photos: Rachel G6AMY

19: 24th of April 2016 – GX4HKO at the Purfleet Heritage Centre
Photos: Nick G4HCK

18: 28th of March 2016 – The 3rd Essex 2m activity afternoon
Photos: Rachel G6AMY and Joanne Parkyns

16: 29th of January 2016 – GB1TYC at the Thurrock Yacht Club in aid of the RNLI SOS Day
Photos: Rachel G6AMY and Ricky M6DII