Thurrock Acorns is a small, welcoming amateur radio club based near the town of Grays (Essex, England) created primarily for the local Amateur Radio community. However, the Club welcomes anyone interested in any of the many aspects of radio and electronics as a hobby. about amateur radio

Once the Covid-19 pandemic made meetings impossible we kept the Club going with virtual meetings on Zoom. Even though restrictions are now being eased and eventually removed, the management team has decided to continue with virtual meetings for the foreseeable future. If you are interested in perhaps becoming a member, first check here for details of our virtual meetings, and use the contact us form to request and invitation to the meeting of your choice.


The Thurrock Acorns Amateur Radio Club came about almost by chance when Nick G4HCK and Gordon 2E0ELI (now MØWJL), meeting for the first time a day or two after their first ever radio contact, sat down for a coffee near the end of 2013 to discuss plans for doing some radio work with the young people of a local primary school. Gordon mentioned it was a shame that there was no local club since the original Thurrock Amateur Radio Club closed many years before and Nick suggested Gordon start one. A challenge he couldn’t resist – the new club had it’s first monthly meeting on the 21st of January 2014.


Chair: Eddie GØBKL
Vice-chair: vacant
Secretary & Data controller: Sebastian 2EØFZS
Treasurer: Simon M1GGY
Publicity officer: Nigel MØICH
Contests and Field events coordinator: Eddie GØBKL


Web editor and mail operator: Gordon MØWJL
Club logo designer: Paul MØPFX
Seasonal graphics: christmas-graphics-plus.com