A small and welcoming amateur radio club based in Grays (Essex, England) close to the town centre. Primarily created for the local Amateur Radio community the Club welcomes anyone interested in any of the many aspects of Amateur Radio.

Please feel free to come to a meeting on the third Tuesday of the month, or contact us via the general enquiries form.


Thurrock Training Team is a small group of enthusiastic licensed Radio Amateurs dedicated to encouraging more people into The Hobby.

If you are interested in being trained for, or require more information about, any of the three licence levels (Foundation, Intermediate and Full) please contact us via the training enquiries form.

by Eddie GØBKL

8pm – 10pm Tuesday 21st of May 2019

Demonstration Radio Station

12 noon – 5pm Saturday 26th of May 2019

Dog & Partridge Event 12th May 2009

Thurrock Acorns Amateur Radio Club was lucky enough to get the special event call sign GB2PUB when operating from the car park of the “Dog and Partridge” in North Stifford, Essex.

The event was well advertised but the problem was, come the day, it lashed down with rain, brightened up for a moment and then lashed down again. Did we allow this deter our event from taking place? Dead right we did! We would have had wet equipment, annoyed club members and no visitors.

Instead we postponed it one day when the sun was out and had a remarkably successful demonstration event where the operating doubled up as an opportunity to test antennas and we were open to visitors. The moral of the story; like many things in amateur radio; need to compromise and adapt to get it to work.

Nick G4HCK (TAARC Chair), Photo by Eddie GØBKL

G4OAD Memorial Trophy 2019

Acorns Member Nigel MØICH (left) has been awarded the 2019 G4OAD Memorial Trophy for his contribution to Morse Code by the Chair of EssexCW, Dean G4WQI (Right).

Nigel contributes to three CW nets including the Acorns CW net every Monday on 144.180MHz. He is also a volunteer CW operator at HMS Belfast (GB2RN) having visited the ship as part of a Acorns Club outing in 2017.

Photo by Tony GØYJI

Acorns AGM March 2019

New Committee – New Direction

The AGM on 19th March elected the Committee for the year 2019-2020 comprising from left to right:

Dave M5ABP Secretary
Nick G4HCK Chair
Eddie GØBKL Vice-Chair
Simon M1GGY Treasurer

There followed an honest debate on what has worked in the club over the past 12 months and what has not; this helped shape the agenda for the next 12 months.

Broadly speaking the agenda is split into four themes: (1) Public Events with the aim of introducing new people to the hobby. (2) Field Events where the aim is to concentrate on operating radio at HF or VHF. (3) Club nights with a selection of speakers. (4) Surprise Bonus…. members-only visits, more information in the April Newsletter.

Photo by Nigel MØICH

Acorns Meeting February 2019

At the club meeting on 19th February, Chair Paul G4MJM (left) was pleased to welcome David MØMBD (right) who has recently taken over as the RSGB representative for Acorns. David gave a brief overview of himself and his role within the RSGB. In particular he summarised the many developments taking place around the county and asked for feedback so that the views of members can be taking into account. He was able to help with some of the challenges in trying to engage with schools on the topic of amateur radio.

The evening’s presentation was by another RSGB representative, Vic G6BHE, who relayed his adventures of “Not So Great Canal Journeys” which made an entertaining diversion from the usual radio topics. The new Acorns’ sign was shown to the group with the intention it be used at club events for publicity to help guide the public to our website. Statutory notice was given of the Annual General Meeting in March which should be a well attended event.

Paul G4MJM (TAARC Chair), photo by Nigel MØICH

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What is Amateur Radio?

Amateur (Ham) Radio is arguably the most popular scientific hobby! The Radio Society of Great Britain (RSGB) defines The Hobby this way…

“Amateur radio is a popular technical hobby and volunteer public service that uses designated radio frequencies for non-commercial exchange of messages, wireless experimentation, self-training, and emergency communications.

Amateur Radio is the only hobby governed by international treaty.

As a radio amateur you are able to transmit radio signals on a number of frequency bands allocated specifically to the radio amateurs.”

In reality it is much, much more. Have a look at the RSGB videos page for an idea of some of the other aspects of the hobby.