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A small, welcoming amateur radio club based in Grays (Essex, England) close to the town centre. Primarily created for the local Amateur Radio community the Club welcomes anyone interested in any of the many aspects of Amateur Radio.

Please feel free to come to a meeting on the third Tuesday of the month, or contact us via the general enquiries form. Read more about amateur radio here…


The Thurrock Training Team consists of a small group of enthusiastic licensed Radio Amateurs dedicated to encouraging more people of all ages into The Hobby.

If you are interested in being trained for, or require more information about, any of the three licence levels (Foundation, Intermediate and Full) please contact us via the training enquiries form. Read more about training here…


bring along your unwanted
radio and electonics odds’n’ends

8pm to 10pm Tuesday 15th of October 2019

the 10th of our popular
2 metre afternoon events

1pm to 5pm Saturday 16th of November 2019

Acorns Meeting August 2019

Ex-lorry driver and CB operator, Peter GØFDS explained how Citizen Band was his route into obtaining a Full Amateur Radio Licence. His entertaining talk started with practical advice; don’t put your hand into the back of old electrical equipment even if it has been off for several years as the capacitors can still discharge a sizable electric shock! Peter described how CB radios work on FM, AM and even SSB but etiquette is unregulated and they have a very limited range. In addition to his collection of CB radios he brought a selection of CB antennas and explained the reason for their different designs. A very helpful summary of the evolution of CB in the UK. More photos…

Article: Nick G4HCK (Chair), Photo: MØICH

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