Event planning checklist *
Event equipment list *
Field event checklist *
Event risk assessment template *
Station log sheet (TAARC watermark)

You can make an NOV application and download a copy of your licence from the Ofcom licensing services portal.

Don’t forget to take the NOV, a copy of the Club licence and a copy of your own licence to the event.


Foundation course checklist *
HF QSO script *
VHF QSO script *

The documents marked * are reproduced here by kind permission of Essex Ham.


If you have decided to join the Thurrock Acorns ARC, please print a copy of our Compliance and Consent General Data Protection Regulations form (PDF) that shows what data is collected, the reason for collecting it, how it is stored, how it is shared and a GDPR compliance statement. Please complete the Your Personal Details page and bring it to a meeting and hand it to the Club secretary.