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As you may or may not be aware there is a digital RF project called Meshtatsic. The firmware can be easily flashed from a PC running Google Chrome browser to a Long Range (LoRa) device via usb cable. The devices then create a Mesh network… pretty fantastcic right? Welcome to Meshtatstic!! There is a selection of devices on the market that range from a standalone device that looks like an old school Blackberry Curve’s, to development boards the size of a thumb. You can then interface with the device via Bluetooth, HTTP or even USB to a PC running chrome and enjoy the benefit of the Meshtatstic. There is also a very well put together step by step guide on the process to install Meshtatstic firmware and every aspect of its operation.

The best part about Meshtatstic is the main band of operation is a licence free, the 868 – 915mhz portion of the spectrum. This means there are thousands of people across the UK playing with RF products, that don’t have a licence. This seems like an amazing time for the Amateur radio world to capitalize on this growing interest and recruit these people to clubs and get them licenced. If they are playing with Meshtatsic and trying to make RF connections, the interest is already there!

Members of TAARC are supporting the growth of the project by installing nodes anywhere possible. On the date of putting together this page, we have built 2 fixed nodes, “” which has a link via the internet to the rest of the Mesh network worldwide. The aim is to disable the internet option later when the RF network is tightly meshed. The device and antenna are currently located in a loft which will hinder the signal somewhat, but there is a plan to get this outside, on a chimney. The other, “Havering_South” has been installed with a 10W solar panel and 18650 battery in a semi remote location with great take off. This device should bridge the gap between the Thurrock & Havering boarder and surrounding areas. I am also anticipating the Havering_South will provide good RF link towards The City of London, Epping Forest and Hertford as we are aware of a Mesh network already covering those areas. We are also operating a few mobile nodes with upgraded whip antennas. We are hoping that if more people purchase these devices and there are actually people on there when they first use them and get a response, there will be more and more of an uptake.



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Please check back here for further updates on this project. If you have questions about the project or would like to get involved please contact James, G1JOB by email at “”



Last update Sunday 28th January 2024.